Get motivated to drink water with the FREE 7-Day Drink Up Water Challenge. This challenge was designed to encourage you to drink more water and take small changes to jumpstart a healthier life style. Whether your goal is to drink 64 oz or 1 gallon, the Drink Up Water Challenge is for you!

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Top Reasons To Drink More Water

• It helps maintain the balance of body fluids.
• It energizes your muscles.
• It helps the skin look good.
• It helps maintain body functions.
• It helps control calories.
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We would love to cheer you on! During the challenge, be sure to follow and use #DrinkUpWaterChallenge to join the largest toast to water.

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Whether your goal is to drink 64oz or 1 gallon, stay on track with your water intake by drinking on a schedule. Follow this schedule to drink 64oz or double the amount for 1 gallon!


Drinking water doesn’t have to be boring.  Try drinking more water by Infusing.  FunFIT offers this FREE book to show you how to make your own fruit infused water.  Drink Up!

Drink Up Water Challenge Testimonials

  • "You have changed my lifestyle in so many ways.  We ALL need a push and I'm so grateful I found you guys.  I'm diabetic and needed that help to show me there was a better way to live because I lived off soda and Gatorade.  I have been faithful to this Lemon, Cucumber, Mint [water] for months now and it HAS WORKED!!!"  
    A. Reyes